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It is common practice how do insects enter your house? Insect always enter your home from the common place of your home
Ants, termites, rodents, rats, cockroaches are some common insect that is responsible for entering our home and affecting domestic items, not only that it can damage our health and damage our home and home household items What causes?
Is there any kind of pest problem in your home and office? So you become careful?
Because of these, they can cause health problems in your home and all other types of problems.
Like there are many problems? Some of which are common problems:
1. Shamble of wooden doors, windows, wooden floors of your house: -
Damage to home wood doors, windows, wood floors can be an important problem for you, since termites are the biggest reason for damaging similar types of wood in homes.
2. Leakage in your bedroom : -
Being in your bedroom or anywhere in your home can cause a variety of pests to arise, which can make many problems for you, such as a variety of insects in your house. The problem is that different types of insects like humidity like moisture like cockroach and ant pest mango insects.
Apart from cockroaches and ants, there is also other insect which can cause various diseases and problems in your home such as:
For example :-
1. Milipades
2. Pill Bugs
3. Silverfish
4. Spider
5. Cricket
Due to various types of diseases and problems in your home and due to their production, know about various types of pests - where they can be found in your home.
For example :-
1. Kitchen
2. Under Sync
3. Kitchen Slab
4. Wooden racks
5. Store Room
6. Basement
7. Under the Devices
8. Interval
9. cracks

Plot No. : 423, Sector : 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India 201010