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Fresh Mattress Cleaning

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Mattress Dust Mite Removal Services
Mattress Odor Removal Services
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If you could see what was going on inside your bed mattress with the naked eye, you would be shocked! After only a few months of shedding skin and sweat, your mattress becomes the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and mold.

Ordinary bed sheets do not stop the micro organisms from entering your bed and mattresses unfortunately can not be washed successfully. Their health threatening excrement can be found in upholstered furniture and all mattresses Fresh Mattress Cleaning is equipped to clean and sanitize these areas as well. If you haven't had your mattress cleaned and sanitized lately, give us a call @ 1300 223 762 today and help you get rid of the millions of dust mites and their friends!

The shocking part is, one dust mites excretes 200 times its body weight over a lifetime, when all the excrement decomposes it becomes like a thin dust easily inhaled as one moves about in sleep. Basically the more skin you shed the more food for the dust mites, bad news for allergy sufferers...but not now, with a non-chemical Fresh Mattress Cleaning treatment feel the fresh difference yourself.